Business in Missouri

I intend to work to reduce red tape and offer commonsense solutions to help small businesses grow and create more jobs in Missouri. I will work with both democrats and republicans in the Missouri General Assembly on legislation to reduce business fees and eliminate unnecessary paperwork for family farms. We need to ensure Missouri is the easiest and best state in the country to start and maintain a business.

Fully funding schools

The republican legislature has underfunded the school foundation formula $400 million below the amount the republicans said what was needed. School districts have been forced to ask voters to make up the difference which places an undue burden on middle class homeowners and seniors.

Medicaid Expansion

250,000 to 300,000 Missourians desperately need the healthcare coverage they have been denied by the republican legislature they would have gotten under Medicaid expansion, even though it would be fully paid for by the federal government for 5 years and 90% thereafter. Missouri has already lost $400-750 million the federal government would have paid for the expansion. Not expanding Medicaid is costing Missouri hospitals $6.8 billion over the next 10 years. Missouri could lose $17.8 billion in lost federal funds over the next 10 years. Thousand of uninsured Missourians have been suffering from lack of healthcare needlessly for the past two years since Medicaid expansion was denied by the republican legislature. There was no sound reason to not accept the federal funds and help suffering Missourians.

Right to Work

Stop the misguided and misnamed Right to Work legislation. Right to Work legislation invariably results in lower wages and less job security for middle-class workers.  Missouri needs to protect the people who live and work in this state and not allow small groups of wealthy out-of-state special interest groups destroy the livelihood of our hard working citizens.

Senior homestead and Missouri Veterans

Pass a senior homestead law to allow seniors to claim a state tax deduction when property taxes rise on their homes to help those on fixed incomes to remain in their homes. It is also very important to pass legislation to building new Missouri veterans homes to end the 1000 person waiting list for beds for needy veterans.

Campaign finance reform

Campaign spending in Missouri desperately needs to be reformed. Missouri is one of the few states that has no campaign spending limits which has resulting in campaigns being wages with millions of dollars worth of “dark money” donations flooding into Missouri. These donors expect their wishes to be followed when candidates they donated to win their elections.

Richard Orr

Reverse the unpaid for 2013 tax cut
The republican legislature passed a tax cut that reduced the taxes on businesses by 25% and on taxpayers .5%, over the governor's veto. Economists at the University of Missouri-Columbia have estimated that will eventually reduce state revenues by $620 million annually. But Nixon asserted it could punch a $4.8 billion annual hole in the state budget and will cause large spending cuts and result in a credit ration downgrade.

State Parks and other environmental issues

Legislators have recently been introducing bills to sell state park lands, cut funding for the conservation department, states parks, and even tried to pass bills to privatize the use of Missouri streams. I want to work to prevent such misguided legislative actions and keep Missouri’s parks and wild areas open and available to Missourians.

Candidate for Missouri State Senate District 23